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Grayhill Inc.
25L Series
Grayhill Inc.
26 Series
Grayhill Inc.
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26 Series

Mechanical Encoders

Grayhill Inc.

Series 26 rotary encoders are PC mounted mechanical encoders that come complete with a threaded shaft.

Product Description

Adjustable stop switches. The switch may have continuous rotation or be adjusted to limit the ration. User selectable for either continuous rotation or present stops (two supplied). Fully sealed with panel and shaft seal for use in the harshest environments.

  • Hexadecimal
  • Octal
  • BCD (Adjusted)
  • Quadrative
  • Custom (4-Bit, 16 position maximum)
  • Actuator Type:1/8" Dia Flatted End
  • Built in Switch:No
  • Detent:Yes
  • Encoder Type:Mechanical
  • Mounting Type:Panel, PCB Through Hole
  • Orientation:Vertical
  • Pulses per Revolution:8 ~ 16
  • Rotational Life (Cycles Min):25K
  • Termination Style:PC Pin

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26ASD22-01-1-AJS26ASD22-01-1-AJSROTARY ENCODER MECHANICAL 16PPR MechanicalHexadecimal (Absolute)16-RoHS
26ASD45-01-1-AJS26ASD45-01-1-AJSROTARY ENCODER MECHANICAL 8PPR MechanicalOctal (Absolute)8-RoHS
26GSD45-01-1-AJS26GSD45-01-1-AJSROTARY ENCODER MECHANICAL 8PPR MechanicalGray Code (Absolute)8-RoHS
26GS22-01-1-16S-C26GS22-01-1-16S-CROTARY ENCODER MECHANICAL 16PPR MechanicalGray Code (Absolute)16-RoHS
26GSD22-01-1-AJS26GSD22-01-1-AJSROTARY ENCODER MECHANICAL 16PPR MechanicalGray Code (Absolute)16-RoHS

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Grayhill Inc. 267003
Category: Sensors-Accessories