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FF1 Series
FG1 Series
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FG1 Series

GHz Band High Performance Type Flex Suppressor


Flex Suppressor is a composite magnetic body in the form of sheet made of blending and dispersing micron sized magnetic material powders in a polymer base, and a sheet type noise suppressor effectively suppressing high frequency noise generated from electronic devices.

  • Adhesive:Non-Conductive, Double Sided
  • Material:Polymer, Magnetic Powder
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 105°C
  • Shelf Life:6 Months
  • Storage/Refrigeration Temperature:104°F (40°C) or Below
  • Type:Absorbing Sheet

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FG1(25)-120X120T2900FG1(25)-120X120T2900FLEX SUPPRESSOR SHEET Absorbing SheetSquare4.724" (120.00mm)4.724" (120.00mm)RoHS
FG1(50)-120X120T2900FG1(50)-120X120T2900FLEX SUPPRESSOR SHEET Absorbing SheetSquare4.724" (120.00mm)4.724" (120.00mm)RoHS
FG1(75)-120X120T2900FG1(75)-120X120T2900FLEX SUPPRESSOR SHEET Absorbing SheetSquare4.724" (120.00mm)4.724" (120.00mm)RoHS
FG1(50)-240X240T2900FG1(50)-240X240T2900FLEX SUPP SHEET 240X240X.05 Absorbing SheetSquare9.449" (240.00mm)9.449" (240.00mm)RoHS
FG1(25)-240X240T2900FG1(25)-240X240T2900FLEX SUPP SHEET 240X240X.025 Absorbing SheetSquare9.449" (240.00mm)9.449" (240.00mm)RoHS
FG1(75)-240X240T2900FG1(75)-240X240T2900FLEX SUPP SHEET 240X240X.075 Absorbing SheetSquare9.449" (240.00mm)9.449" (240.00mm)RoHS
FG1(25)-240X80T2900FG1(25)-240X80T2900FLEX SUPPRESSOR SHEET Absorbing SheetSheet9.449" (240.00mm)3.150" (80.00mm)RoHS
FG1(50)-240X80T2900FG1(50)-240X80T2900FLEX SUPPRESSOR SHEET Absorbing SheetSheet9.449" (240.00mm)3.150" (80.00mm)RoHS
FG1(75)-240X80T2900FG1(75)-240X80T2900FLEX SUPPRESSOR SHEET Absorbing SheetSheet9.449" (240.00mm)3.150" (80.00mm)RoHS

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