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Omron Automation and Safety
G3TB Series
Omron Automation and Safety
G7T Series
17.5MM Series
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G7T Series

I/O Relay

Omron Automation and Safety

Slim-styled I/O Relay Saves Space in Panel

  • SPST-NO, SPST-NC, and SPDT contact forms available for output (SPST-NO only for input)
  • Ultra-slim housing
  • All Output Relays provide a long endurance
  • Current - Input:3.5mA ~ 21mA
  • Current - Output:1A ~ 5A
  • Turn Off Time:15ms
  • Turn On Time:15ms
  • Voltage - Input:24VDC ~ 220VAC
  • Voltage - Output:24VDC ~ 220VAC

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G7T-1122S AC200/220G7T-1122S AC200/220AC INPUT MODULE 220V AC Input Module--220VACRoHS
G7T-1112S-DC24VG7T-1112S-DC24VDC OUTPUT MODULE 5A DC Output Module--24VDCRoHS
G7T-1012S DC24G7T-1012S DC24DC OUTPUT MODULE 5A DC Output Module--24VDCRoHS
G7T-1122S-DC24VG7T-1122S-DC24VDC OUTPUT MODULE 1A DC Output Module--24VDCRoHS

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