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Crowd Supply, Inc.
ANAVI Infrared pHAT
Crowd Supply, Inc.
HealthyPi v3
Cypress Semiconductor Corp
CAN and LIN Shield Kit
Crowd Supply, Inc.

HealthyPi v3

Open-Source, Multi-Parameter, Full-Fledged Human Body Vital Sign Monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi as well as Standalone Use

Crowd Supply, Inc.

The simple, highly integrated design of the HealthyPi results in ease of manufacturing, more reliability, and lower cost. Nonetheless, some of the analog chips used here are the same one’s present in professional patient monitoring systems. Its ensured that the entire system is easy to use, makes it easy to add features, easy to customize, and easy to reproduce too, if you wish. The PCB design itself is simple and the software design is simpler. The HealthyPi was designed with not just one application in mind, but a variety of them. While it does function as a vital sign monitor for traditional patient monitoring applications, it can also be used for several other applications. You can use it with a Raspberry Pi using a display; use it with a Raspberry Pi with the official touchscreen using a “Complete Kit,” or you can use it standalone by connecting it to any computer’s USB port. The software is compatible across all platforms.

  • Contents:Board(s), Cable(s), Accessories
  • Function:Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Platform:Raspberry Pi
  • Type:RF
  • Utilized IC / Part:ADS1292R, AFE4490, ATSAMD21, MAX30205