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Paperino Driver Board with ePaper
Adafruit Industries LLC
Adafruit AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera Breakout

Paperino Driver Board with ePaper

CS-PAPERINO-02 - Paperino Driver Board with ePaper

Paperino is an easy to use micro EPD breakout-board for the Photon or other Arduino-compatible microcontrollers. The eIink-based ePaper display mimics the appearance of natural paper and can hold text and images indefinitely, even without electricity. This makes Paperino perfect for your next battery-driven, connected project where the display content changes rarely. Paperino also integrates an easy to use accelerometer. It extends the EPD by tap-sensing functions and offers portrait/landscape detection. Furthermore, you can wake-up your MCU after movement-based events from deep-sleeping, saving battery live during waiting phases. Paperino supports the UC8156-based ePaper display from Plasticlogic and Accelerometer BMA250E from Bosch. Communication for both devices is based on SPI/3.3 V. The Paperino shield is plug-and-play compatible with Photon, Electron and Bluz. The Paperino breakout board can be used for manually wiring your favorite, Arduino-compatible microcontroller with 3.3 V and >4k of free RAM.