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Semtech Corporation
Automotive, AEC-Q100, uClamp® Series
Semtech Corporation
RailClamp® Series
Semtech Corporation
SDC15 Series
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RailClamp® Series

Surface Mount, Single Channel, TVS Diodes

Semtech Corporation

The RailClamp® TVS diodes are specifically designed to protect sensitive components which are connected to high speed data and transmission lines from overvoltage caused by ESD (electrostatic discharge), CDE (cable discharge events), and EFT (electrical fast transients).

  • Transient protection for high speed data lines
  • Low capacitance
  • Solid state silicon avalanche technology
  • Low leakage current and clamping voltage
  • Protects up to 6 lines
  • High ESD withstand voltage
  • Cellular Handsets and Accessories
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
  • Display Port
  • USB Ports
  • PCI Express
  • Serial ATA
  • USB 3.0
  • V-by-One
  • LVDS
  • MyDP
  • Audio ports
  • Bidirectional Channels:1
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Packaging:Tape & Reel (TR)
  • Power - Peak Pulse:25W ~ 150W
  • Power Line Protection:No
  • Type:Zener
  • Unidirectional Channels:1
  • Voltage - Breakdown (Min):4.5V ~ 26.7V
  • Voltage - Clamping (Max) @ Ipp:7V ~ 50V
  • Voltage - Reverse Standoff (Typ):3.3V (Max) ~ 24V (Max)

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RCLAMP3321P.TNTRCLAMP3321P.TNTTVS DIODE 3.3V 13V SLP1006P2 Zener13.3V (Max)5.5V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP0521P.TCTRCLAMP0521P.TCTTVS DIODE 5V 25V SLP1006P2 Zener15V (Max)6V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP0521PATCTRCLAMP0521PATCTTVS DIODE 5V 25V SLP1006P2 Zener15V (Max)6V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP0531T.TCTRCLAMP0531T.TCTTVS DIODE 5V 20V SLP1006P2T Zener15V (Max)6V0402 (1106 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP1521P.TCTRCLAMP1521P.TCTTVS DIODE 15V 30V SLP1006P2 Zener115V (Max)16.7V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP0821P.TCTRCLAMP0821P.TCTTVS DIODE 8V 25V SLP1006P2 Zener18V (Max)10V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP1521PQTCTRCLAMP1521PQTCTTVS DIODE 15V 35V SLP1006P2 Zener115V (Max)16.7V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP0531TQTCTRCLAMP0531TQTCTTVS DIODE 5V 20V SLP1006P2T Zener15V (Max)6V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP2431TQTCTRCLAMP2431TQTCTTVS DIODE 24V 50V SLP1006P2T Zener124V (Max)26.7V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP5011ZATFTRCLAMP5011ZATFTTVS DIODE 5V 12.5V SLP0603P2X3F Zener15V (Max)6.5V0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP3521P.TNTRCLAMP3521P.TNTTVS DIODE 3.5V 13V SLP1006P2 Zener13.5V (Max)4.5V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP0521Z.TFTRCLAMP0521Z.TFTTVS DIODE 5V 25V SLP0603P2X3 Zener15V (Max)6V0201 (0603 Metric)
RCLAMP2451ZATFTRCLAMP2451ZATFTTVS DIODE 24V 7V SLP0603P2X3F Zener124V (Max)25.5V0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP3331ZATFTRCLAMP3331ZATFTTVS DIODE 3.3V 7.5V SLP0603P2X3FZener13.3V (Max)5.5V0201 (0603 Metric)RoHS
RCLAMP2431T.TCTRCLAMP2431T.TCTTVS DIODE 24V 50V SLP1006P2T Zener124V (Max)26.7V0402 (1006 Metric)RoHS

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