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TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
Z+ High Power Voltage Series
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
Z+ Series 200W

Z+ High Power Voltage Series

Programmable DC Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

Active current sharing allows up to six identical units to be connected in an auto-parallel configuration for six times the output power. In Advanced Parallel Master/Slave Mode, total current is programmed and reported by the Master, Up to six supplies act as one.

  • Accuracy - Voltmeter; Ammeter:0.5% + 1 count
  • Current Regulation - Line:0.02%
  • Current Regulation - Load:0.09%
  • Display Type:Digital
  • Features:Programmable, RS232, RS485 and USB Interface
  • Number of Characters:4 (2)
  • Number of Outputs:1
  • Power (Watts):208W ~ 812W
  • Ripple:10mV ~ 60mV
  • Size / Dimension:13.780" L x 2.756" W x 3.268" H (350.00mm x 70.00mm x 83.00mm)
  • Type:Bench (AC to DC)
  • Voltage - Supply:85 ~ 265VAC
  • Voltage Regulation - Line:0.01%
  • Voltage Regulation - Load:0.01%
  • Weight:4.2 lbs (1.9kg)

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Z650-0.32-UZ650-0.32-UPWR SUPPLY OUTPUT 0-650V 0-.32A Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 650VDC0 ~ 0.32ARoHS
Z650-1.25-UZ650-1.25-UPWR SUPPLY OUTPUT 0-650V 0-1.25ABench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 650VDC0 ~ 1.25ARoHS
Z320-2.5-UZ320-2.5-UPWR SUPPLY OUTPUT 0-320V 0-2.5A Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 320VDC0 ~ 2.5ARoHS
Z160-5-UZ160-5-UPWR SUPPLY OUTPUT 0-160V 0-5A Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 160VDC0 ~ 5ARoHS

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