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TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
Z+ Series 800W - 864W
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
ZUP Series - 200W
TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
ZUP Series - 400W
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ZUP Series - 200W

200W Programmable Bench, Rack Mount Supplies Single Output

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

The ZUP series are power supplies designed for laboratory performance providing typical users such as test engineers and researchers with guaranteed accurate voltage and current programming stability when interfacing with their equipment. The ZUP series offers the ease of push-button and dial controls for programming and status indicators for monitoring output parameters.

Product Description

The ZUP series is power factor corrected and operates continuously from a worldwide AC voltage range of 85 - 265 VAC. Output voltage and current are continuously displayed and LED indicators show the complete operating status of the power supply. The front panel controls allow the user to set the output parameters, the protection levels (over-voltage / under-voltage) and arm the foldback protection to disable the output if the unit switches from constant-voltage mode to constant-current mode.

The ZUP Series provides output voltage ranges from 0 to 6V up to 0 to 60V and output current ranges from 0 to 3.5A up to 0 to 132A. Other features include low ripple and noise, an "up programming" response time of 50mS at 0 to 100 percent load, and overvoltage, over-temperature, overcurrent and foldback output protections. External controls include a digital voltmeter, a digital ampermeter, address setting, overvoltage/undervoltage setting, voltage/current mode control, local/remote select, foldback protection control, output on/off control, an alarm and a voltage/current/OVP/UVP/address adjust.

Output connections are made to rear panel bus-bars on standard models, or front panel output jacks are optional. During connection, either the positive or negative terminal may be grounded. Rack assemblies in the 19-inch / 3U configuration are available separately for accommodating multiple units connected in parallel. The ZUP series is contained in a compact, lightweight package that allows for easy installation and space saving benefits in the application equipment.

  • Universal input
  • Power factor corrected
  • Constant voltage, constant current
  • Last setting memory
  • Digital meters
  • Built-in RS232 and RS485 interface w/GPIB optional
  • Bench or rack mount
  • Embedded microprocessor controller
  • Industrial
  • Test
  • Current Regulation - Line:0.01% + 2mA
  • Current Regulation - Load:0.01% + 5mA
  • Display Type:Digital
  • Features:Memory, Programmable, RS232 and RS485 Interface
  • Number of Characters:3
  • Number of Outputs:1
  • Power (Watts):200W
  • Ripple:5mV ~ 30mV
  • Size / Dimension:13.780" L x 4.882" W x 2.756" H (350.00mm x 124.00mm x 70.00mm)
  • Type:Bench (AC to DC)
  • Voltage - Supply:85 ~ 265VAC
  • Voltage Regulation - Line:1mV + 0.005%
  • Voltage Regulation - Load:2mV + 0.005%
  • Weight:6.4 lbs (2.9kg)

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ZUP6-33/UZUP6-33/UPWR SUP BENCH PROG 0-6V 198W Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 6VDC0 ~ 33ARoHS
ZUP10-20/UZUP10-20/UPWR SUP BENCH PROG 0-10V 200W Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 10VDC0 ~ 20ARoHS
ZUP36-6/UZUP36-6/UPWR SUP BENCH PROG 0-36V 216W Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 36VDC0 ~ 6ARoHS
ZUP20-10/UZUP20-10/UPWR SUP BENCH PROG 0-20V 200W Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 20VDC0 ~ 10ARoHS
ZUP120-1.8/UZUP120-1.8/UPWR SUP BENCH PROG 0-120V 216W Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 120VDC0 ~ 1.8ARoHS
ZUP80-2.5/UZUP80-2.5/UPWR SUP BENCH PROG 0-80V 200W Bench (AC to DC)85 ~ 265VAC0 ~ 80VDC0 ~ 2.5ARoHS

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