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Bourns Inc. (303)

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Citizen Finedevice Co Ltd (23)

CNC Tech (1)

Connor-Winfield (68)

Cornell Dubilier Electronics (101)

Crystek Corporation (34)

CTS Electrocomponents (9)

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CTS-Frequency Controls (42)

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Delta Electronics/Cyntec (5)

Diodes Incorporated (51)

EAO (1)

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ECS Inc. (146)

Elna America (31)

EPCOS (158)

EPSON (65)

Essentra Components (1)

Fair-Rite Products Corp. (11)

Ferroxcube (17)

Fox Electronics (38)

Hammond Manufacturing (8)

Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions (19)

IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc (8)

Illinois Capacitor (41)

IQD Frequency Products (79)

Jauch Quartz (11)

Johanson Dielectrics Inc. (11)

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Johanson Technology Inc. (9)

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KVD Series

United Chemi-Con KVD Series

Supplier: United Chemi-Con

Subtitle: High Temperature, Automotive, Radial Leaded, Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The KVD Series are dipped radial lead multilayer ceramic capacitors which feature small size and wide range of capacitance.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsRadial Leaded

NTD Series

United Chemi-Con NTD Series

Supplier: United Chemi-Con

Subtitle: High Ripple Current, Long Life, Dipped Radial Leaded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The NTD Series is a dipped radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor with a wide capacitance range.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsRadial Leaded

Border Cap® Series

Knowles Dielectric Labs Border Cap® Series

Supplier: Knowles Dielectric Labs

Subtitle: High Reliability, Bonding Mountable, Single Layer, RF, Microwave, High Frequency, Bypass, Decoupling, Surface Mount Singlelayer Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The Border Cap® Series are single layer capacitors with recess metallization and available with borders on one or both sides. These have been designed to minimize the potential of shorting during attachment.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsSurface Mount

C04 / C06 / C08 / C18

Knowles Dielectric Labs C04 / C06 / C08 / C18

Supplier: Knowles Dielectric Labs

Subtitle: RF, Microwave, High Frequency, 0402 (1005 Metric), Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Description: Low Loss Resonance Free Performance

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsSurface Mount

Di-Cap® Series

Knowles Dielectric Labs D15BU101M5PX

Supplier: Knowles Dielectric Labs

Subtitle: General Purpose, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The Di-Cap® Series high performance single layer capacitors.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsSurface Mount

Milli‐Cap® Series

Knowles Dielectric Labs Milli‐Cap® Series

Supplier: Knowles Dielectric Labs

Subtitle: General Purpose, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The Milli‐Cap® Series feature increased useable bandwidth with very low inductance and ultra high resonance.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsSurface Mount

V Series

Knowles Dielectric Labs V Series

Supplier: Knowles Dielectric Labs

Subtitle: High Capacitance, Epoxy Mountable, Single Layer, General Purpose, Nonstandard Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The V Series Class II dielectric material with X7R characteristics for DC Blocking or RF Bypass applications in a broad frequency range. These high frequency, wire bondable single layer capacitors are perfect for GaN and GaAs amplifier applications where small size and microwave performance is ke...

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsSurface Mount

KTJ, NTJ Series

United Chemi-Con KTJ, NTJ Series

Supplier: United Chemi-Con

Subtitle: Stacked Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
Description: The KTJ, NTJ Series features small size, large capacitance and high ripple current.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsSurface Mount

KVF Series

United Chemi-Con KVF Series

Supplier: United Chemi-Con

Subtitle: High Temperature, Automotive, Surface Mount, Ceramic Capacitors
Description: The KVF Series are multilayer ceramic chip capacitors which feature excellent noise absorption.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsSurface Mount

NTS and NTF Series

United Chemi-Con NTS and NTF Series

Supplier: United Chemi-Con

Subtitle: Long Life, Surface Mount, Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
Description: The NTS and NTF Series is a reliable, multilayer ceramic chip capacitor with enhanced bending strength.

Category: PassivesCapacitorsCeramic CapacitorsSurface Mount