New Product Discoveries – The DK IoT Studio from Digi-Key

Digi-Key Electronics offers an easy prototype solution – the DK IoT Studio. DK IoT Studio offers designers a free IoT development software platform. The user can create an unlimited number of projects, with up to 5 devices being connected to the platform at any one time. It allows the user to create a prototype in minutes. It is a drag and drop system, which eliminates the need for writing code.

DK IoT Studio currently has 14 MCUs and 100+ sensors in its library, and those numbers are continually growing. DK IoT Studio offers the option to create EELS, which allows the user to utilize any sensor of their choice.

Once the user clicks compile, they will have full access to the C code. This C code can then be downloaded and edited. The user can click on any element in DK IoT Studio and see the correlating C code.

There are many eeWiki, forum, and user guide posts on how to use DK IoT Studio.

The C code downloaded from DK IoT Studio can be integrated with many other development platforms. This is a great option for developers. Engineers can easily prototype with DK IoT Studio, and further develop the code.

DK IoT Studio is a development tool intended to help you go from idea to prototype in minutes.

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