New Features

Digi-Key’s website is under continuous improvement to best serve our customers’ needs. Find out the latest updates and details of Digi-Key website new features and improvements.

BOM Manager Tour

BOM Manager Tour


Welcome to the Digi-Key BOM Manager Tour. We've made a few changes and want to give you a quick overview of the new layout and features that are now available. To start let's navigate to the BOM Manager. The BOM Manager link can be found under My Tools once you're logged in to your My Digi-Key profile.

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Advanced Filters

Advanced Search Filter Options


Six new filter options have been added along with "In Stock" and "RoHS Compliant" to make finding products easier and more efficient.

These filter options will show up on the Index, Category, Results and No Results pages. Below are the filter options with an explanation of each.

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Download Cart Thumbnail

Download Cart


The option to download a copy of a cart has been added under the output section of the cart tools.

Clicking this will download a spreadsheet containing the Index Number, Quantity, Part Number, Description, Customer Reference, Available Quantity, Backorder Quantity, Unit Price, and Extended Price.

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Range Search Filters

Range Search Filters


On select parametric filters, range filtering has been added to allow searching on minimum and maximum values. This would only appear on search filters where there are more than ten possible selections. The remaining results will update and change the values.

Selections can still be made by clicking and dragging within the field. Once you start making selections, the Min and Max fields will be disabled. Enable the fields by clicking on the Clear link.

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Product Change Notification

Product Change Notifications


Product Change Notifications have been added to your My Digi-Key profile. This listing is based on your ordering history. When Digi-Key receives a Product Change Notification from a Manufacturer for a product you have previously purchased, the documentation will now be available in My Digi-Key.

To view the Product Notifications on My Digi-Key, the link appears in the left navigation under 'My Ordering and Shopping Carts'.

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