GWconnect™ Heavy-Duty Connectors (HDC)

Delivering a complete portfolio of heavy-duty industrial solutions, Molex offers GWconnect™ heavy-duty connectors (HDC) plus 6,000 complementary products

Image of Molex's GWconnect™ Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC)Molex's GWconnect™ heavy-duty connectors (HDC) provide extensive industrial inserts, enclosures, and more than 6,000 complementary products. This includes alternate- or direct-current connectors for heavy-duty industrial applications; multi-pole connectors for use in electronic machinery, robots, electric panels, control equipment, power, and control- or signal-circuit connectivity; enclosures for standard, harsh, and EMC environments; plastic and metal cable glands. All products are designed with top-quality materials and conform to international standards and UL/CSA requirements.

The principal HDC parts are comprised of die-cast aluminum alloy with either a polyester powder (nickel-plated for EMC versions) finish or a self-extinguishing thermoplastic. Coupling stability and accidental opening protection is achieved by two locking systems (mono-block levers in galvanized or stainless steel or springs and pegs in stainless steel). Sealing of dust, water, and aggressive agents is assured with internal protective gaskets.


Housings, Hoods, and Bases

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeStyleAvailable QuantityView Details
0936010614 datasheet linkBULKHEAD STRAIGHT HOUSING WITH L0936010614BULKHEAD STRAIGHT HOUSING WITH LBase - Panel MountBottom Entry72 - Immediate
0936010614 product page link
0936010616 datasheet linkBULKHEAD STRAIGHT HOUSING WITH L0936010616BULKHEAD STRAIGHT HOUSING WITH LBase - Panel MountBottom Entry60 - Immediate
0936010616 product page link
0936010620 datasheet linkBULKHEAD HOUSING RIGHT ANGLE WIT0936010620BULKHEAD HOUSING RIGHT ANGLE WITBase - Panel MountSide Entry151 - Immediate
0936010620 product page link
0936010622 datasheet linkBULKHEAD HOUSING RIGHT ANGLE WIT0936010622BULKHEAD HOUSING RIGHT ANGLE WITBase - Panel MountSide Entry52 - Immediate
0936010622 product page link
0936010842 datasheet linkBULKHEAD MOUNTING HOUSING 1 LEVE0936010842BULKHEAD MOUNTING HOUSING 1 LEVEBase - Panel MountBottom Entry9 - Immediate
0936010842 product page link
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Inserts and Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionGenderAvailable QuantityView Details
0936010077 datasheet link7P + PE FEMALE INSERT 10A 250V,09360100777P + PE FEMALE INSERT 10A 250V,Female99 - Immediate
0936010077 product page link
0936010079 datasheet link7P + PE MALE INSERT 10A 250V, UL09360100797P + PE MALE INSERT 10A 250V, ULMale98 - Immediate
0936010079 product page link
0936010091 datasheet link15P + PE FEMALE INSERT 10A 250V/093601009115P + PE FEMALE INSERT 10A 250V/Female10 - Immediate
0936010091 product page link
0936010092 datasheet link15P + PE MALE INSERT 10A 250V/UL093601009215P + PE MALE INSERT 10A 250V/ULMale10 - Immediate
0936010092 product page link
0936010093 datasheet link24P + PE FEMALE INSERT 10A 250V/093601009324P + PE FEMALE INSERT 10A 250V/Female15 - Immediate
0936010093 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPin or SocketAvailable QuantityView Details
0936010055 datasheet linkCONTACT H.D. CRIMP PIN 18AWG0936010055CONTACT H.D. CRIMP PIN 18AWGPin1417 - Immediate
0936010055 product page link
0936010053 datasheet linkCONTACT H.D. CRIMP PIN 20AWG0936010053CONTACT H.D. CRIMP PIN 20AWGPin9 - Immediate
0936010053 product page link
0936010043 datasheet linkCONTACT H.D. CRIMP SOCKET 18AWG0936010043CONTACT H.D. CRIMP SOCKET 18AWGSocket676 - Immediate
0936010043 product page link
0936010041 datasheet linkCONTACT H.D. CRIMP SOCKET 20AWG0936010041CONTACT H.D. CRIMP SOCKET 20AWGSocket00936010041 product page link
0936010179 datasheet linkCONTACT H.D. CRIMP SOCKET 14AWG0936010179CONTACT H.D. CRIMP SOCKET 14AWGSocket470 - Immediate
0936010179 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFor Use With/Related ProductsSpecificationsAvailable QuantityView Details
0936000024 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M20X1,50936000024CABLE GLAND M20X1,5GWconnect HousingsM20 Thread66 - Immediate
0936000024 product page link
0936000026 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M25X1,50936000026CABLE GLAND M25X1,5GWconnect HousingsM25 Thread154 - Immediate
0936000026 product page link
0936000028 datasheet linkCABLE GLAND M32X1,50936000028CABLE GLAND M32X1,5GWconnect HousingsM32 Thread36 - Immediate
0936000028 product page link
0936000361 datasheet linkPOLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M32X1,50936000361POLYAMIDE CABLE GLAND M32X1,5GWconnect HousingsM32 Thread111 - Immediate
0936000361 product page link
0936010696 datasheet linkCOVER FOR FEMALE INSERT PLASTIC0936010696COVER FOR FEMALE INSERT PLASTICGWconnect 3A HousingsLocking Pegs (2)49 - Immediate
0936010696 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContainer TypeSize / DimensionHeightAvailable QuantityView Details
0936040085 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 2.28"L X 2.52"W0936040085BOX ALUM GRAY 2.28"L X 2.52"WBox2.283" L x 2.520" W (58.00mm x 64.00mm)1.417" (35.99mm)87 - Immediate
0936040085 product page link
0936040093 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 4.92"L X 3.15"W0936040093BOX ALUM GRAY 4.92"L X 3.15"WBox4.921" L x 3.150" W (125.00mm x 80.00mm)2.244" (57.00mm)40 - Immediate
0936040093 product page link
0936040109 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 8.66"L X 4.72"W0936040109BOX ALUM GRAY 8.66"L X 4.72"WBox8.661" L x 4.724" W (220.00mm x 120.00mm)3.543" (90.00mm)2 - Immediate
0936040109 product page link
0936040119 datasheet linkBOX ALUM GRAY 7.87"L X 9.06"W0936040119BOX ALUM GRAY 7.87"L X 9.06"WBox7.874" L x 9.055" W (200.00mm x 230.00mm)4.331" (110.00mm)2 - Immediate
0936040119 product page link
0936040058 datasheet linkBOX ALUM NAT 3.98"L X 3.98"W0936040058BOX ALUM NAT 3.98"L X 3.98"WBox3.976" L x 3.976" W (101.00mm x 101.00mm)2.283" (57.99mm)36 - Immediate
0936040058 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
0936050079 datasheet linkREMOVAL FOR CONTACTS CRIMP0936050079REMOVAL FOR CONTACTS CRIMP5 - Immediate
0936050079 product page link
0936050083 datasheet linkREMOVAL TOOL FOR 16A CONTACTS0936050083REMOVAL TOOL FOR 16A CONTACTS1 - Immediate
0936050083 product page link
0936050073 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 12-26AWG SIDE0936050073TOOL HAND CRIMPER 12-26AWG SIDE1 - Immediate
0936050073 product page link
Published: 2016-01-25