SPM-LR Series Inductors

TDK introduces their SPM-LR series commercial grade power inductors

Image of TDK SPM-LR Series InductorsTDK’s SPM-LR series power inductors are magnetically shielded, wire-wound inductors designed for use in power circuits. Their low profile makes them ideal for use in applications where height is restricted. The SPM-LR series has low inductance variance in high temperature environments with good DC superimposition characteristics and achieves large current, low RDC, and compactness compared to ferritewound type inductors. A metallic magnetic material is used and the structure has an integrated molded coil so hum noise is lower with the SPM-LR series inductors than with core adhesive coils. The SPM-LR series also has a redesigned terminal construction, based mainly on material change, and has a DCR improvement anywhere from 4% to 50% depending on case size and inductance value as compared with its predecessor SPM series.

Features and Benefits Applications
  • Low profile
  • Large current and low RDC
  • Operating temperature and storage temperature range of -40°C to +125°C after the PC board is mounted
  • Tablet terminals
  • Laptop computers
  • HDDs, VRMs, and servers
  • Compact power supply modules

SPM-LR Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SPM5020T-4R7M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 4.7UH 3.7A 67.6 MOHMSPM5020T-4R7M-LRFIXED IND 4.7UH 3.7A 67.6 MOHM8073 - Immediate
SPM5020T-4R7M-LR product page link
SPM3015T-1R0M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 1UH 3.8A 45.1 MOHM SMDSPM3015T-1R0M-LRFIXED IND 1UH 3.8A 45.1 MOHM SMD4184 - Immediate
SPM3015T-1R0M-LR product page link
SPM3020T-2R2M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.2UH 2.8A 84.2 MOHMSPM3020T-2R2M-LRFIXED IND 2.2UH 2.8A 84.2 MOHM2649 - Immediate
SPM3020T-2R2M-LR product page link
SPM3012T-1R5M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 1.5UH 2.9A 81.4 MOHMSPM3012T-1R5M-LRFIXED IND 1.5UH 2.9A 81.4 MOHM2628 - Immediate
SPM3012T-1R5M-LR product page link
SPM3012T-2R2M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.2UH 2.6A 102.3 MOHMSPM3012T-2R2M-LRFIXED IND 2.2UH 2.6A 102.3 MOHM3020 - Immediate
SPM3012T-2R2M-LR product page link
SPM5015T-2R2M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.2UH 4.8A 43.5 MOHMSPM5015T-2R2M-LRFIXED IND 2.2UH 4.8A 43.5 MOHM5996 - Immediate
SPM5015T-2R2M-LR product page link
SPM5015T-1R0M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 1UH 6.3A 24.8 MOHM SMDSPM5015T-1R0M-LRFIXED IND 1UH 6.3A 24.8 MOHM SMD2795 - Immediate
SPM5015T-1R0M-LR product page link
SPM4020T-2R2M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.2UH 4.4A 61.6 MOHMSPM4020T-2R2M-LRFIXED IND 2.2UH 4.4A 61.6 MOHM7376 - Immediate
SPM4020T-2R2M-LR product page link
SPM4020T-4R7M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 4.7UH 2.5A 147.2 MOHMSPM4020T-4R7M-LRFIXED IND 4.7UH 2.5A 147.2 MOHM2965 - Immediate
SPM4020T-4R7M-LR product page link
SPM4020T-1R0M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 1UH 5.6A 28.1 MOHM SMDSPM4020T-1R0M-LRFIXED IND 1UH 5.6A 28.1 MOHM SMD2450 - Immediate
SPM4020T-1R0M-LR product page link
SPM5020T-100M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 10UH 2.3A 174.8 MOHMSPM5020T-100M-LRFIXED IND 10UH 2.3A 174.8 MOHM5854 - Immediate
SPM5020T-100M-LR product page link
SPM5020T-3R3M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 3.3UH 3.9A 61 MOHM SMDSPM5020T-3R3M-LRFIXED IND 3.3UH 3.9A 61 MOHM SMD1613 - Immediate
SPM5020T-3R3M-LR product page link
SPM3015T-4R7M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 4.7UH 1.8A 199.1 MOHMSPM3015T-4R7M-LRFIXED IND 4.7UH 1.8A 199.1 MOHM3257 - Immediate
SPM3015T-4R7M-LR product page link
SPM4012T-3R3M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 3.3UH 2.6A 126.5 MOHMSPM4012T-3R3M-LRFIXED IND 3.3UH 2.6A 126.5 MOHM2495 - Immediate
SPM4012T-3R3M-LR product page link
SPM3020T-R47M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 470NH 4.8A 22.7 MOHMSPM3020T-R47M-LRFIXED IND 470NH 4.8A 22.7 MOHM8240 - Immediate
SPM3020T-R47M-LR product page link
SPM3020T-3R3M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 3.3UH 2.2A 121 MOHMSPM3020T-3R3M-LRFIXED IND 3.3UH 2.2A 121 MOHM7939 - Immediate
SPM3020T-3R3M-LR product page link
SPM5012T-R47M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 470NH 5.4A 23.1 MOHMSPM5012T-R47M-LRFIXED IND 470NH 5.4A 23.1 MOHM2000 - Immediate
SPM5012T-R47M-LR product page link
SPM5015T-100M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 10UH 2.3A 193.8 MOHMSPM5015T-100M-LRFIXED IND 10UH 2.3A 193.8 MOHM2655 - Immediate
SPM5015T-100M-LR product page link
SPM5012T-2R2M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 2.2UH 3.2A 67.7 MOHMSPM5012T-2R2M-LRFIXED IND 2.2UH 3.2A 67.7 MOHM2017 - Immediate
SPM5012T-2R2M-LR product page link
SPM4020T-3R3M-LR datasheet linkFIXED IND 3.3UH 3.5A 74.3 MOHMSPM4020T-3R3M-LRFIXED IND 3.3UH 3.5A 74.3 MOHM2008 - Immediate
SPM4020T-3R3M-LR product page link
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Published: 2016-04-08