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Discover NXP Kinetis EA Series of automotive grade MCUs that allow for fast time to market and provide an extensive development environment.
Publish Date: 2015-04-06
NXP's Kinetis 32-bit MCUs including the K, L, E, EA, M, V, and W series are available at Digi-Key. View datasheets, reference manuals, and order today!
Publish Date: 2011-01-14
NXP MCUs build on the existing Kinetis K2x and K6x families.
Publish Date: 2014-06-11
i.MX6 series processors from NXP offer a high performance, scalable multicore platform for smart devices based on ARM Cortex -A9 architectures.
Publish Date: 2013-05-13

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Learn to detect if signal condition is needed. Discuss features and applications of the DS25CP104 LVDS as well as LVDS buffer and repeater use and application.
Publish Date: 2011-11-21
Offering a 16-bit RISC architecture featuring an MSP430 core with up to 32KB programmable on-chip flash and 2KB of RAM.
Publish Date: 2014-12-03
The MSP430FG6x devices offer TI’s highest level of analog integration to date
Publish Date: 2015-10-09
The Concerto line of devices, emulation features and code composer support for Concerto.
Publish Date: 2013-01-08

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The XMOS development tool suite includes everything you need in a single environment including debuggers, compilers, simulator and flash burning tools. It also includes xSOFTip Explorer and unique tools such as the XTA and xSCOPE.
Publish Date: 2013-06-14
So, you just got a MAX32630FTHR evaluation board! That’s great! This video will show you how to set up the board, compile your first program, and get it running, all in less than five minutes!
Publish Date: 2017-02-13
Some medications can cost thousands of dollars—inviting counterfeiting, which puts health care institutions, insurance companies, and of course patients at risk. This clever proposed in-vial security solution is based on Maxim’s Deep Cover platform.
Publish Date: 2016-01-12
Learn more about PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18 microcontrollers and broad range of PIC MCUs including USB, Ethernet and touch sensing peripherals.
Publish Date: 2012-05-18
NXP Semiconductor Ultra-Reliable MCUs Development Platforms