Molex - Mini USB

With a 50% reduction in connector volume over the Mini-USB connector, the Micro-USB connector features the smallest footprint of all USB interconnects and offers significant reduction in PCB real estate for a host of portable devices. These include mobile phones, MP3 players, digital video and still cameras, PDAs, Global Positioning Systems, photo printers, mouse, keyboards, and flash drives

2/27/2017 4:25:36 PM

Mini USB

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0887328702USB A TO MINI B 1.5M BLACK9353 - ImmediateView Details
0887328800USB A TO MINI B 1.8M WHITE2848 - ImmediateView Details
0887328602CABLE USB 2.0 A-MINI B 1M BLACK2617 - ImmediateView Details
0887328802USB A TO MINI B 1.8M BLACK27841 - ImmediateView Details
0887328900CABLE USB 2.0 A-MINI B 2M3324 - ImmediateView Details
1110415001LVDS MINI-B/MINI-B 0.50M A-TO-A1104 - ImmediateView Details
0688060019USB2A MINIB5P BK 3.3F UPC83339 - ImmediateView Details
0887328902CABLE USB 2.0 A-MINI B 2M BLACK1981 - ImmediateView Details
88732-8600CABLE USB 2.0 A-MINI B 1M WHITE4975 - ImmediateView Details
111014-5001CBL USCAR MINI USB B GRY 500MM328 - ImmediateView Details
111014-5000CBL USCAR MINI USB B BLACK 500MM231 - ImmediateView Details
0887538200CABLE USB 2.0 MINI A TO MINI B862 - ImmediateView Details
0887328502USB A TO MINI B 0.8M BLACK0View Details
0887328510USB A TO MINI B 0.8M WHITE0View Details
0887538102USB MINI A TO MINI B .8M BLACK0View Details
0887625520USB A MINIB CABLE MO3695B003 L=20View Details
88753-8500CABLE USB 2.0 MINI A-MINI B 1.8M0View Details
1110195001LVDS MINI-B/MINI-B 0.50M A-TO-A0View Details
0887328700USB A TO MINI B 1.5M WHITE0View Details