Wide-Temperature Fans, 9GT Type

Sanyo Denki presents fans with an industry-leading, -40ºC to 85ºC operating temperature range

Image of Sanyo Denki Wide-Temperature Fans, 9GT TypeSanyo Denki is the first fan company to release wide-temperature fans for electronics cooling with the 9GT series. These fans are able to operate down to -40°C and up to 85°C, which makes them suitable for harsh environments or extreme conditions. The aluminum frames on these 9GT fans also make them more resistant to damage from shock. The L10 life rating for the 9GT fans is rated higher than Sanyo Denki’s standard fans: 40,000 hours at 85°C. These fans are offered in sizes ranging from 40 mm x 28 mm to 120 mm x 38 mm and have PWM control.

Features Applications
  • Wide temperature range
  • Aluminum frame
  • PWM control
  • Extended L10 life
  • Aviation equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Outdoor applications
  • Harsh environments
  • Lighting displays

Wide Temperature Fans, 9GT Type

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
9GT0424P3J001 datasheet linkFAN 40X28MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0424P3J001FAN 40X28MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM09GT0424P3J001 product page link
9GT0624P4G001 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0624P4G001FAN 60X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM177 - Immediate
9GT0624P4G001 product page link
9GT0824P4S001 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0824P4S001FAN 80X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM68 - Immediate
9GT0824P4S001 product page link
9GT0912P4J001 datasheet linkFAN 92X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0912P4J001FAN 92X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM09GT0912P4J001 product page link
9GT0924P4J001 datasheet linkFAN 92X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0924P4J001FAN 92X25MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM151 - Immediate
9GT0924P4J001 product page link
9GT1224P1S001 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH,PWM9GT1224P1S001FAN 120X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH,PWM56 - Immediate
9GT1224P1S001 product page link
9GT0412P3J001 datasheet linkFAN 40X28MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0412P3J001FAN 40X28MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM09GT0412P3J001 product page link
9GT0612P4G001 datasheet linkFAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0612P4G001FAN 60X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM59 - Immediate
9GT0612P4G001 product page link
9GT0812P4S001 datasheet linkFAN 80X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0812P4S001FAN 80X25MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM261 - Immediate
9GT0812P4S001 product page link
9GT0912P1M001 datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0912P1M001FAN 92X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH, PWM09GT0912P1M001 product page link
9GT0924P1M001 datasheet linkFAN 92X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM9GT0924P1M001FAN 92X38MM 24VDC RBLS TACH, PWM14 - Immediate
9GT0924P1M001 product page link
9GT1212P1S001 datasheet linkFAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH,PWM9GT1212P1S001FAN 120X38MM 12VDC RBLS TACH,PWM22 - Immediate
9GT1212P1S001 product page link
Published: 2017-01-19